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Build a Squeezebox Player using a Raspberry Pi and Squeezelite, using the piCorePlayer image, which comes complete with OS and libraries.

Netbooting piCorePlayer 3.x

A seemingly operational pCP player can be obtained via net booting, but only for wired Raspberry Pi 3B's.


You can build a high quality and low-cost network audio player with a slick LCD interface.

Tivoli Squeezebox Radio

A Squeezebox built from a Tivoli Audio alarm speaker. Features:

  • Tivoli Speaker and case using the original speaker and 3W output
  • WiFi
  • runs on battery for a whole day (more than 12h)
  • rotary and push controller for volume and play/pause
  • separate alarm clock
  • fully Squeezebox compatible player using a Raspberry Pi Zero and SqueezeLite
  • very simple and power-efficient 5V design.

waveshare 3.5 TFT + piCorePlayer + jivelite

As promised I (nowhinjing) have written up the torturous process of getting piCorePlayer + Jivelite to work on a small TFT screen.

See the develpoment thread on the Logitech Squeezebox forum.